Центр аграрных исследований и продовольственной безопасности

February 14-16, 2022

III Conference “A New Globalization and Asian Countries in the XXI century” In Honor of V.G. Rastyannikov.

The Center for Agrarian Research and Food Security, the Center for Indian Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences is holding Conference “A New Globalization and Asian Countries in the XXI century” in Honor of V.G. Rastyannikov.

The conference will be organized on-line, the Zoom platform.

The following topics are proposed to be discussed at the conference:

  1. Distinctive characteristics of globalization in the XXI century. The role of Asian countries in the new stage of globalization.
  2. Social problems of globalization: socio-economic inequality, the fight against poverty.
  3. Geopolitical problems of globalization: cooperation of Asian countries in solving environmental problems, in ensuring food security, in the field of international information and cybersecurity.
  4. The impact of globalization on economic growth in Asia and Africa. The role of transnational companies.
  5. The role of information and communication technologies in a new stage of globalization: moving goods (e-commerce), ideas (knowledge and technology), capital (international investment market) to other countries.
  6. Labor migration in the context of a new stage of globalization and the polarization of employment – professions that require advanced technology and low-skilled professions.
  7. Section of young scientists.

Registration for the conference: https://agro-ivran.timepad.ru/event/1899097/

The official Internet-resource of the conference:


To participate in the conference application must be received before 10 February 2022
by E-mail:  agro@ivran.ru  or confoei@mail.ru

The application must contain:

  • The title of the report
  • The surname, first (second) name of the participant
  • Place of work with indication of position, academic degree
  • Contact information: E-mail; Phone (not obligatory)